Lee Roy Parnell Episode #3  

This time we feature hit country artist and songwriter Lee Roy Parnell.  Besides being a fabulous slide player and influencing so many country artists and songwriters he's a genuinely nice guy and very generous with his craft and insights to…


Al Perkins Episode #2 

This episode features multi-instrumentalist, sideman, band leader Al Perkins.  From the Flying Burrito Brothers to Manassas, the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band and beyond Al has left an indelible mark on roots-Americana/rock n' roll from 1970 to the present. 

The Gibson guitar…


Arlen Roth Episode #1 

In conjunction with my research for a book I've been working on the last year I conducted interviews with some of the greats of modern slide guitar.  I've decided to share them with y'all in hopes you'll get as much…