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Nashville is a town of musicians of all stripes and many talents, some of whom simply go where the music takes them, stubbornly rejecting the notion they must belong to a single genre. One fine spring day in 2013 this led four well known musicians and one budding noisemaker, all fierce proponents of improv, to assemble at the home of producer Ed Pettersen to record the debut album of Nashville Electric. Their trusted administrative sidekick determined that the only trademarked use of the name was associated with the local electric company, and despite the electric nature of their instruments was not likely to cause people to send checks to the wrong address. Thus debuted Nashville Electric.

The lineup of Nashville Electric boasts two classically trained musicians with worldwide concert experience, two Nashville musicians more commonly associated with popular roots rock bands, and one talented experimental musician they ran into at the Big Ears Festival. A series of phone calls asking each member if they would like to get together to create experimental improvisational music with no technical guidelines was all it took to get these five seemingly disparate yet like-minded musicians together. Or as one member puts it “the collective talents and instincts of each player told me that this would work and we would be interestingly adventurous”.

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